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Information on adoption. Please read all before you decide to apply to adopt. We are not a shelter but a foster-based rescue. We have specific rules and regulations to adopt. These are tiny purebred rescues that are not for every home. They are high maintenance dogs that require a lot of care......

Opt to Adopt Bracelet

"  Care to donate to help us save more animals? We are selling a rescue bracelet. It is a flexible bangle that has paw prints with the words, Opt To Adopt. Only 5.00 donation plus 1.00 shipping.

We are able to save the animals that we do because of your donations. We are not a shelter so we get no corporate funding or grants. Every donation is much appreciated and needed.

You can send your donations two ways. You can mail them to:

Marsha Taylor
4255 Sullivan Street.
Beaumont, Tx 77705

or donate safely through Paypal with a credit card here:

Where we make our rescues feel special.... Puppy Love....

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Help rescue by buying at Petsmart through the link here. They give us .08% of your total purchase....

PetSmart is excited to offer our supporters special savings by using this link to get to Petsmart on line....
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Our Supporters...
Without you we could not do
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(** = Repeat Donations)


Anita Bell & Jake Donations:

  • Ron and Crystal King and ****
  • Baby's Promise
  • Sharon Riley and Joey - MO ****
  • Tiffany Robertson - Little Rock, AR *
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Davis - Beaumont, Tx ****
  • Sue Abrams - IL
  • Sharon Piant - Lake Saint Louis, MO
  • Margaret Hoffman - Houston, TX
  • Leila Legarda - Oakland, CA
  • Mary Gilbert - Houston, TX
  • Janet Werking - Peoria, IL
  • Patti Young - Houston, Tx
  • Rita McKenzie - Houston, Tx
  • Linda Lively-Bellaire, TX
  • Ann Payne - IL
  • Sari Davidson CO-US
  • Phil Packer
      Hale-Mills - Houston, Tx.
  • Zuleica Garcia-FL
  • Howard Guitman
  • Kathleen Munson-NJ
  • Joe Daibes
  • Jeff Millani
  • Russel and Sara and Jeannine Robertson
  • Patricia Johnson-CA ****
  • Joey Daibes
  • Kevin Doyle
  • Elaine Dortch-TX ****
  • Dwayne Schwartz-TX
  • Patty and Jazz-NH ****
  • Sandy Plotkin
  • Fred Silvestri
  • Priscilla Madiera
  • Dino Ferrara
  • Rosemarie Brunring
  • Anonymous from Florida
  • Jonathan Maclian
  • Raquel Maclian
  • Brian Sakosits
  • Peter Monte Sr. ****
  • Mary Ann Hockenberry-PA ****
  • Dr. John Davis ****
  • Mrs. Melba Moore ****
  • Bob McErlan
  • Pete & Ro Monte ****
      (Scooter's Mom and Dad)
  • John Rock
  • Dr. Norman Ilowite
  • Adam Eidelberg
  • Jay Weiss
  • Andy Donchin
  • Fred Silvestri
  • Sharon Riley-MO
  • Sandra Bainton-MI
  • Karen Calderone-PA ****
  • Carol & Bob Campbell-TX ****
  • Sharon Ellis-TX ****
  • Ann Payne-IL ****
  • Linda Consiglio-CT ****
  • Mary Cisko-FL ****
  • Nancy Perko-FL ****
  • Karen Calderone-PA
  • Patricia Johnson ****
  • Cathy Bloxom ***
  • Rita McKenzie ***
  • Martell Roberts ***
  • Cassondra Mega
  • Mary Ann Hockenberry **
  • Michal Stankiewicz **
  • Mark Kelley
  • Susan Johnson
  • Heather Johnson
  • Cathy Bloxom *
  • Joan and Fred Fabre & Angel,Trippie and FiFi ****
  • Patricia M. Phelps
  • Ron and Crystal King **
  • Michal Stankiewicz
  • SM Johnson
  • Shannon Horn
  • Casey Gordy
  • Della Vaughan
  • Catherine Sams
  • Kathleen Munson
  • Sue Abrams *
  • Liz Bibb Angels Florist
  • Tiffany Thornton
  • Rabakah Snyder
  • Kimberly Blatchley *
  • Scooter's Friend
  • Sylvia McDougald
  • Mary Ann Hockenberry
  • Jackie Veillon *
  • Sara Tubbs
  • Kimberly Blatchley
  • Ro and Pete Monte **
  • Diane Coalson
  • Raymond Dunning
  • Jennifer Crighton
  • Nancy Perko
  • Dawn Dehnert
  • Lars E Andersen
  • Denise Martin
  • Jackie Veillon
  • Hylanacres Yorkies
  • Anne and Bob Wylie *
  • Rita McKenzie
  • Jen and Teddy Bear
  • D Joulian
  • Garry and Jan Farren
  • Donald and Kathy Harmeyer
  • Melba Moore and Krackers *
  • Dr. John Davis,Sirley & Paris *
  • Debbie Styron
  • Barbara L Beavers
  • Livia Carlotto
  • Stefan Nadzam
  • Rahsaan Stampes
  • Yvonne Quick
  • Rosa Di Simone
  • Michelle Hrastich
  • Ann Payne
  • Mark Bommarito
  • Karen Rivera
  • AnnaLeigh Wiechmann
  • Tonya Sanders
  • Mary Cisko
  • Karen Calderone
  • Patricia Johnson
  • Linda Consiglio
  • Carol Bandy
  • Sharon Riley
  • Jaclyn Kieper
  • Sheryl Hammer
  • Debbie Martin
  • Sharon H. Ellis
  • Martell Roberts
  • Douglas & Sandra Boni
  • Sarah Hodson
  • Kobi Lloyd
  • Sharon Pearson **
  • Foxstone Maltese
  • Ann Payne
  • Jean Eckart
  • Karen Candee **
  • Barbara Fink
  • Jan Webster
  • SOS DOGS Rescue
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